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Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Educator

What Is A Health Coach?

Health and Wellness Coaching is all about improving your lifestyle so that you can live the best life possible for you. As your coach, I will walk along side of you to help you take stock and evaluate your current health and well being status. We will use a variety of tools to help give you a clear picture of the kind of life you want to live. We then compare the two, and together, co-create a solid plan to reach your goals. With that in place, we will work together to help you be accountable to yourself and follow through on your action steps. We will work together to brainstorm through barriers that might come up as you make your lifestyle changes and develop resources to make sure those lifestyle changes last. I bring the value of a Health and Wellness professional that knows about succeeding at lifestyle improvement. I look forward to working with you.





Learn why your latest diet attempt failed
 Learn how to make peace with food and improve your health so you never have to diet again
Learn to identify what really makes you hungry
Includes work sheets and tools to apply to your life
Jen S. says: "I began reading your ebook today. It is so perfect and speaks to me so deeply. I am 40-50 pounds overweight and it has definitely crept on from dieting a little bit, overindulging for a while, dieting a little bit, overindulging... I can't wait to find the freedom you have found."
Jen O. says: "Since I read your book I wake up every morning with such freedom! I don't feel deprived! I stepped on the scale this morning and it went down! In pounds, no less! I have tried everything else but THIS is something I will do FOR LIFE! Thank you Katie."
Never feel powerless to loose weight again!
Lisa R. says "The tips you gave on how to fill your life with healthier habits was great. And it's comforting to know and feel like I am not alone with the whole diet mentality."
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Don't improve your health alone! Have access to a coach with monthly Q & A sessions with Katie
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Monthly membership will allow you access to training videos by Katie to help you work through various areas of your life to improve your health
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You will belong to a community of other women who want to improve their health and wellness. Get encouragement and make friendships
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Angela V. says: "I am so thankful for my coaching sessions with Katie.  She helped me to gain perspective on what was important in my life and allowed me to talk through some challenges that I was facing.  I valued that she taught me to be accountable to myself so I would have the tools I need as I deal with challenges going forward."  
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1 year membership
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Access to "Health and Wellness Blue print" training videos and Monthly Q & A sessions with Katie
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