The Holidays May Be Hectic, But You Can Still Eat Well!

The Holidays May Be Hectic, But You Can Still Eat Well!

As a Certified Health Education Specialist and Health Coach, I  want myself and my loved ones to eat whole, nourishing food. Even when time is tight. As a mom of 7 children, I know how busy life can be, especially in December. Three of my children have birthdays this month, in addition to, Christmas preparations and Christmas concerts and parties to attend. What a fun but very busy time of year! Grabbing food on the run is tempting, but not always wise. The cost is high, both physically and financially. With a little planning, you can eat well and with very little prep time. I wanted to share with you some food items I always have on hand for when life happens and dinnertime has arrived but I haven't had time to prepare anything.

  1. Organic canned chicken breast. I buy this from either Costco or BJ's. It's fully cooked and is easily stored. I like adding it to chicken stock, or added to a tossed salad. I can wrap it in a tortilla with some cheese and spices for a quick quesadilla.
  2. Organic Chicken and Beef Stock or Organic Bouillon Paste. Simply heat the stock and add some grains or pasta and a protein (canned chicken or canned salmon) add some chopped veggies and you have a fast, hearty, nutritious soup in minutes. Plus, you control the sodium added. You can use the stock to flavor rice. Add a can of organic tomato sauce to the soup for a light tomato soup.
  3. Eggs. They make a great whole meal and kids think its fun to have breakfast for dinner! Make them anyway you like them. If time permits add some veggies, or salsa and cheese for an omelette. If you do have a little time, make quiche or an egg and cheese strata. Quiche freezes well and reheats easily, so make two and freeze one for another day.
  4. Fruit, and Veggies cut up, and paired with cheese and nuts makes a great fast meal. I also pop some popcorn for a grain to round it out. This one is really portable too, in case you need to take it with you. This is a favorite for my kids. I usually make it if my husband is not home for dinner.
  5. Frozen Vegetables. All kinds. An Asian mix can make a great stir fry. A pepper and onion mix can be added to many foods to add flavor and boost nutrients. Frozen Cauliflower can be added to soups then blended to make it creamier. You can also thaw the cauliflower and crumble it into a rice consistency.

Life gets busy, but since we know this, we can be proactive and plan ahead. I teach strategies like these inside the Health Wellness and Chocolate membership community. Join Today. I would love to walk alongside you as you work to improve your health and wellness. Inside the community you gain access to a 9 part Heath and Wellness Blueprint video course & the E-Book, Stop Dieting and Have Peace With Food. Both teach you step by step how to improve your health without feeling deprived. With a little planning, living well is easy to do!

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