Your Last Excuse Just Went Back To School

Your Last Excuse Just Went Back To School

That's it. The pool is closed for the season and all our regular weekly activities are starting back up again. I love the fall, but I was hoping to savor summer just a little longer. One perk of summer ending, and school & activities beginning again, is that we can fall (see what I did there?) into a regular routine and set some goals to improve our health and wellness.

I always view September as a "New Year" as much as I do January. And in doing so, I always have goals I want to hit during the fall. During my Positive Psychology Class, that I took this summer, I learned a lot about the science of goal setting, and how to set goals that actually result in success. So, grab a pen and paper and let's get started hitting our goals!

First, think about the upcoming week. What area is most important for you to work on this week to improve your health and wellness? What would it look like, if you were successful in hitting this goal at the end of the week? How would you feel, and what would be the impact on your life? Write it all down.

Next, consider your schedule in the upcoming week and identify obstacles that come up. What are your time constraints? What resources are available to you? What can possibly come up that will hold you back from hitting the goal you just set? Write that down. Whatever comes to mind, jot it down.

I want you to imagine coming face to face with the obstacle that can prevent you from reaching your goal. I want you to plan for it. Write down a statement like this: If this comes up, then I will do this so I can still hit my goal.......

Finally, we all know that we start out with great intentions but life gets in the way. We also know that we can plan for those obstacles and we can still hit our goals. When we set out to hit our goals using this method, research has shown that it can lead to success! So be encouraged and go have a great week! Be well.


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