How To Navigate The Holidays and Be Healthy!

How To Navigate The Holidays and Be Healthy!

Thanksgiving is this week and Christmas feels like it's only a week later. I wanted to take a minute and talk to you about how to have health goals and navigate the holidays. Yes, it's possible to enjoy the holidays and keep your health goals in mind. The key: pay attention and be deliberate about your food choices, choosing foods that satisfy your body, mind and soul.

We mark the holiday festivities with a day (or sometimes days) of celebration, highlighted by rich foods and fun with family and friends. So, are you agonizing over what to eat and how much? Are you worried you are going to be "bad" if you indulge in the "bad" gravy or pies and cakes? Or, are you planning on being "good" and sticking to your "good" food even though you would love a treat. "Deprive and abstain" are your motto and make you feel like you have control, and you feel good about yourself when you turn down that dessert.

This above mindset is called moralizing food, we do it with exercise too, and I will touch on that in another blog post. I wanted to check in with you, friends, and say, eating well and living a healthy lifestyle should make you feel good, physically and psychologically and leave you satisfied, not guilty or feeling like a failure. Your healthy choices should serve your body, soul and mind.

There is a new eating disorder emerging called Orthorexia and is characterized by an unhealthy and rigid obsession to eat healthfully. Food rules such as: no carbs, low carbs, no fat, low fat, juice cleanses, shakes, no dairy, only vegetables etc.... I can go on and on! According to food Psychologist Paul Rozin, there is a negative  impact of worry and stress over healthy eating and, that worry might play a bigger role in your health than the actual food consumed.

According to Doctor Roger Gould, in his book "Shrink Yourself" if you eat 100 calories more each day than your body needs, in one year you would have gained 12 pounds. An apple is about 100 calories, that's just a little bit of extra food more than you need, which is why paying attention to your own hunger and fullness is more important than what you actually eat. You can still gain weight by over-eating healthy food.

So, what do you do? Enjoy your food, savor it, choose what you like and enjoy it, without guilt. Choose food that serves you but that also satisfies. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you feel satisfied. Don't stuff yourself either, this does not serve you or your health.

If you do not believe you can actually do that, that could be a red flag, that you are using food for more than nourishment. In my e-book Stop Dieting and Make Peace With Food, and 9 part video course titled "Health and Wellness Blueprint", which is available in the membership community where you also have access to me, a Health and Wellness Coach, I
discuss how to change you mindset and give you the tools you need to make peace with food and stop dieting. I give you exercises to help you discover how you have been using food and then I give you tools to develop a plan so you can fill up your life without using food to do it. I would be honored to walk with you in this journey. Please join me!

May you have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with your family and friends, be well, enjoy life!

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