The Secret To Setting And Hitting Your Goals

The Secret To Setting And Hitting Your Goals

It's that time of year where we take stock of our life and begin to plan ahead for the year to come. How come some goals that we set, we achieve, but as the months pass by, some goals fall by the wayside? I learned in my Positive Psychology class, the secret to setting goals, and reaching them.

The secret is called "Mental Contrasting". Mental Contrasting + A Plan = Success

Merely dreaming about  what we want our future to be like is never enough. In fact, dreaming about the future tricks our minds into thinking we have already reached our goal. It's called mental attainment. It causes us to relax and changes our physiological signs.

Positive fantasies are not all bad, they can help us prioritize and help us to feel good in the short term. But we need to pair that fantasy with reality. That's where mental contrasting comes in. Where do you want to be -vs- where you are now?

So as you sit down to make your goals for the new year do the following exercise:

What is the biggest goal you want to hit this coming year?

What would life be like if you hit that goal?

How would you feel?

Write that down.

Now identify the obstacles that could hold you back.

Look for the most important barrier/obstacle that comes up. This will provide great insight for you as you set your goals.

What are your resources?

Time constraints?

Going through this process has been tied to positive lifestyle change, months and even years later.

In conclusion, to hit those goals, do this:

Visualize your success and the benefits you will have

Visualize potential obstacles that can come up

Create an if/ then plan. If this obstacle comes up, then I will......

Repeat this as often as you need till you reach that goal.

In the Health Wellness and Chocolate Membership Community, we dive into tools like this in much more detail to help you reach your specific health and wellness goals. Join Today! I would be honored to help you hit your goals in the new year! Be well friend!

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