Use Your Strengths To Improve Your Health

Use Your Strengths To Improve Your Health


Are you frustrated with your efforts to improve your health? Try this exercise: I want you to think of a time when you were at your best.  Life was going well and you felt good about yourself and about your life. Whether you know it or not, there is a good chance you were using your strengths during this time. There are many different strengths a person can have, and it has been discovered we feel at our best and most full filled when we are using those strengths.  If you aren't sure what your strengths are, just google strengths assessments and take the little quiz. One good assessment is over at

Allow me to share an example from my own life. During my year of grace, I became aware that I was feeling overwhelmed at certain times during the day. One time was the 4:00 pm hour with my children and their tendency to melt down. I would feel stressed and head to the kitchen for a snack to distract myself. Once I realized that I had developed a habit of snacking in response to stress, I came up with a strategy to do something else. It had to be enjoyable enough to fill me up instead of using food to soothe me.  Around that same time, I discovered, I am a lifetime learner and I always feel invigorated when I learn something new. I applied this discovery to my life and came up with a strategy. When 4:00 pm rolls around, I now head outside with the kids instead of to the kitchen. I have them ride bikes and play while I put a podcast on and walk around my driveway. If the weather is bad, I give them an activity, or put a movie on while I go listen to a podcast and fold laundry (yes, I do enjoy folding laundry). These small changes helped me to loose 60 pounds.

This is what I help you discover in the Health Wellness and Chocolate Membership Community One Year Membership. I developed a 9 part health and wellness blue print video course to guide you through making these discoveries for yourself and improving your health without feeling deprived. You discover your strengths and how to leverage them instead of eating to fill in the gaps of life. There is no reason to diet and feel deprived and miserable. Most overweight people are overweight because they use food to cope with emotions. Why not develop better coping skills that can actually improve your health? Yes it's possible and actually the reason why I started Health Wellness and Chocolate! I hope you have a great week! Be well, friend!

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