What Is Your Motivation To Lose Weight?

What Is Your Motivation To Lose Weight?

At the beginning of each new year, we are bombarded by advertisements for the perfect weight loss plan.  Chances are, if you are unhappy with your weight, you research the positives and negatives of each diet plan to see which one might work for you and fit into your lifestyle.  I want to share with you some information to consider.

First, the diet industry depends on you re-gaining some, if not all, and more, of your weight loss. Yes, you read that right. Repeat customers are part of the business model in the diet industry. They know you will find short term success with their eating plan. They also know eventually, you will regain the weight, based on their market research. Why? Because dieting is only a bandage to a bigger symptom.

Eating past the point of fullness and not honoring your hunger and fullness cues are indications that you are eating for a reason other than nourishment. If you only address the food, but not the reasons behind the extra food intake, the weight will come back. Everytime.

Second, improving your health and wellbeing is the only motivation you should tie to weight loss. If you tie your desire to lose weight to an extrinsic reason, such as an upcoming wedding, or looking good for your husband, or so you will have lots of friends, you will fail at your diet. Why? Because you can't control external conditions. What happens if you loose the weight  but still don't have a lot of friends? You will regain the weight. What happens when you loose the weight for the wedding? Your diet ends at the reception and you will regain the weight. What happens if you lose weight to look good for your husband but then you get into an argument with your husband. The motivation for your weightloss is gone. You can only control what happens inside of yourself when it comes to sustained weight loss, and improving your health and wellbeing should be your only motivation. Anything else will lead to frustration and weight gain.

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