Did You Overeat All Weekend? Don’t Let That Turn Into A Month Long Binge Through The Holidays!

Did You Overeat All Weekend? Don’t Let That Turn Into A Month Long Binge Through The Holidays!

Thanksgiving was a big eating day, as most Holidays are. Did you overindulge and now feel bad? Before you do anything else, read these five tips to help steer you back on track so you don't undo months of hard work, and continue your downward eating spiral through Christmas. For more support, join the membership community! 

  1. Eat Breakfast today. Don't deprive and punish yourself today because you overindulged. Make sure you eat when you are hungry and stop once you feel satisfied. If you deny your hunger it will lead to intense food cravings and then you will overindulge again. Don't start that vicious cycle. Make sure you manage your hunger.
  2. Eat food that supports you in your health and wellness journey. Supportive food will contribute to your physical health, meets your personal needs, tastes good to you and will leave you feeling satisfied.
  3. Don't use the fact that you overindulged on Thanksgiving as an excuse to overeat and sabotage your health and wellness goals for the next month. Get rid of that "all or nothing" mentality. Thanksgiving was a rich food day. That doesn't mean all your health and wellness efforts are now ruined. One day cannot ruin months of effort.
  4. If you find the leftover food too tempting and doesn't fit in with your definition of supportive food, throw it away.  It's OK to get rid of food that doesn't support you in your health and wellness journey.
  5. Respect your body and don't berate yourself mentally  today because you overate. Talk to yourself like this instead: "I ate past the point of fullness because of all the special, once a year, treats. I am not a failure or out of control. I do see how overeating makes me feel yucky. I like how I feel when I pay attention to my hunger and fullness cues and stop eating when I feel satisfied. I am glad I have had this learning experience. I will remember this feeling the next time I want to overindulge." Learn from the experience and move on. Don't dwell on the fact that you are not perfect. No one is.

Finally friends, remember, today is a new day and you have new opportunities to improve your health and wellness. If you want extra support and accountability to reach those health and wellness goals, join the membership community. I created a 9 part health and wellness blueprint video training to take you through the process of improving your health, identifying red flags and coming up with strategies to help you hit those goals.  The e-book, "Stop Dieting and Have Peace With Food" is included in the one year membership plan. You are not alone and you are more powerful than you think!

Have a great week! Be well!

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