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“Why can’t I eat like a normal person...and stay the weight that makes me happy?”


Do you want to:


  • eat like your skinny friends without gaining weight?
  • Fit into your cute jeans consistently?
  • stop hiding behind your kids in pictures?
  • feel comfortable in your own skin and look sexy for your husband?
  • feel in control around your favorite foods?


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Yes Please! I'm So Over Diets!

How To Eat Like Your Skinny Friends

You know the feeling; your biggest pair of pants is too tight and your belly is hanging over the top of them  anyway. Your skin feels stretched and tight too. You step on the scale again and realize you gained back all the weight you lost from your most recent diet and gained five more pounds. You feel defeated and like a failure. And the last thing you want to do is start another diet. Purchase this e-book to help you figure out why sustained weight loss seems impossible for you.

All Diets Work- Until They Don't

Almost all diets fail due to emotional eating. You may not even know what is bothering you or realize you have been doing this. Every time you reach for food when you are not biologically hungry it is because you are reacting to a thought or feeling. You may not even be aware of the feeling or thought. Rather than get to the cause of the feeling, you turn to food to stuff it down.

Take the time to figure out what you are emotionally hungry for. Do this each time and you will never need to diet again. 

How To Stop Overeating!

Food is comforting and tastes amazing, but we gain weight when we lose the ability to tell the difference between emotional hunger and biological hunger, which causes us to overeat. I can help you learn the difference.

Once I finally learned to identify what I was really hungry for, the weight came off without deprivation, pills, extreme workout plans or a crazy, unsustainable eating plan. 

Hi- I'm Katie Corbett, MS, CHES 

I struggled with my weight for the better part of three decades. I finally figured out how to have peace with food, stay at a happy weight for me, even in my 40's after having EIGHT children. It is my pleasure to help you too. As a Certified Health Education Specialist and a Certified Wellness and Health Coach, who specializes in weight loss coaching. It is my deepest desire to come alongside you and teach you how to get that weight off once and for all.

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