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Lose Weight For The Last Time- Without A Crazy Exercise Routine Or A Restrictive Eating Plan

Did you know- the average woman will try over 126 different diets in her lifetime? Diets don't work. Extra Weight Is Just A Symptom Of A Life Out Of Balance. Let Me Teach You How To Lose Weight & Build A Life You Love. Once You Work On The Inside, The Outside Will Change. I'll Be Your Guide, You Do The Winning!


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Lose Weight For The Last Time

“Why can’t I eat like a normal person...and stay the weight that makes me happy?”


Do you want to:


  • eat like your skinny friends without gaining weight?
  • Fit into your cute jeans consistently?
  • stop hiding behind your kids in pictures?
  • feel comfortable in your own skin and look sexy for your husband?
  • feel in control around your favorite foods?

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Yes Please! I'm ready to lose weight the right way!

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The Health & Wellness Blueprint will take you from feeling powerless around food to finally understanding why you can't keep weight off. You will learn how to raise your emotional intelligence, which is the key factor when it comes to weight loss success. This program walks you step by step through 9 foundational videos that deconstruct your diet mentality & give you brain hacks so you learn how to lose weight and keep it off. Next, you discover your specific needs and goals and develop strategies so that weight loss becomes inevitable. Each week you will learn advanced weight loss techniques that you can implement into your life. The Health & Wellness Blueprint is the simple, self paced solution you have been looking for. Welcome!

Here’s a little secret the diet industry will never tell you- it almost doesn't matter what you eat when you lose weight, but rather what's happening inside your brain! Crazy right!?!?

Lose Weight Simply- Even If You've Already Tried Every Diet Out There

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Once I finally learned to identify what I was really hungry for, the weight came off without deprivation, pills, extreme workout plans or a crazy, unsustainable eating plan. 

Hi- I'm Katie Corbett, MS, CHES 

I struggled with my weight for the better part of three decades. I finally figured out how to have peace with food, stay at a happy weight for me, even in my 40's after having EIGHT children. It is my pleasure to help you too. As a Certified Health Education Specialist and a Certified Wellness and Health Coach, who specializes in weight loss coaching. It is my deepest desire to come alongside you and teach you how to get that weight off once and for all.

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