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The One Thing You Must Do When You Eat

I treated myself to the new Downton Abbey movie on Galentine's Day. I love how beautiful the costumes and Manor House are. It really speaks to my soul’s desire to look at beautiful things. At this season of my life, with 8 kids literally running around here, my budget for beautiful things is limited to flowers and a scented candle. 


One thing that struck me, and it always does when I watch movies that take place prior to WW2 and our modern time, is how much of a slower pace life had. Whenever I read literature that is written prior to the Industrial revolution, I can’t help but notice what a different approach to eating they had as compared to us.


Eating/ meal times were the anchors in the day to day lives of people. I always chuckle to myself self when thinking of Ma Ingalls from The Little House On The Prairie, as she never seemed concerned about carbs or fat content. In fact, her only concern was that the food was hearty, tasted good and that the...

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Do You Eat Perfectly or Out Of Control?

A client recently said to me, “food is an all or nothing proposition of either dieting and starving or eating everything in sight and binging.”


Sound familiar? I could totally relate. Prior to  losing weight for the last time, I would go through this cycle too. Start a diet, eat PERFECTLY, even weighing my food to the ounce,  and then the slightest hiccup in my day/ schedule/ plan would send me off the rails and into crazy town with my eating! 


I had to eat perfectly and if I didn’t-  I considered all my efforts to be a waste and that would lead to overeating and terrible food choices.


(because if I already messed up, I might as well eat everything in sight  since tomorrow I would have to restrict once again.)  


I did this over and over for YEARS until I learned to change my mindset around this. Rather than thinking of food in black and white terms- good food vs bad food, where eating good food meant I...

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Use This Tool To Lose Weight For The Last Time

Since It’s the start of a new month, now is a good time to take stock on how you are doing with your weight loss/ healthy eating goals. 

How was your January? 

Did it look a little like this?

You start the day strong (or week or month strong) but something happens and you get derailed. 

Life gets in the way of your health efforts. Kids get sick, you have to work overtime, the car breaks down, an elderly parent needs your assistance.

Take any diet that you have been on, insert an emotional event that derailed you and poof, you turn to your old friend food for comfort. 


The diet goes on the back burner and you once again fail at another diet.


I discuss this process in depth in my ebook,

"How To Eat Like Your Skinny Friends".


Most chronic dieters have a few things in common:


They are unhappy with their weight.


They have tried a wide variety of diets, and eating plans, and have failed.


They regain any lost weight and...

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Understanding Deprivation

Diets and the feeling of deprivation go hand in hand. 


Understanding deprivation and its purpose can help you cope with the uncomfortable feelings deprivation brings up for you.


You see, in life, whenever we choose to do something, we are depriving ourselves of doing something else. Last week I wrote about life being 50/50, a give and take, and deprivation is no exception.


You can “diet” and deprive yourself of the simple pleasure of eating food you enjoy.


 Dieters often complain about feeling deprived of being able to eat when they are hungry, and needing to skip fun outings with friends, depriving themselves of time spent with loved ones because they are on a diet.


 All uncomfortable emotions are hard to cope with, and deprivation is no exception. When you resist an uncomfortable emotion, you actually tend to magnify it all the more. 


Eventually your brain will become exhausted from resisting the...

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5 Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight

Most of our lives are a mix of 50/50. 


Half good and half bad. Some days are better than others and some days are so much worse, but overall, life in general, takes an eb and flow of positive and negative events and it’s our job as adults to manage them as best we can.


If you struggle with your weight, there is a good chance that your response to the ups and downs of life are met with the desire to eat


In fact, it’s probably just a habit that you don’t notice. 


Your brilliant brain developed a habit so you don’t even need to think about how to get your needs met. It figured out the fastest, best way to help you and created a habit for you. These habits trigger a response in your body that make you desire to overeat. 


But here is the good news. 


Most of the reasons for overeating fall into one of the following five categories. 


You can pay attention to the triggers and begin to...

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Go To Sleep To Lose Weight

In the dark days of winter, do you find you prefer to stay warm and cozy at home?


 I do! I often turn into a hermit this time of year. 


The Danish have a special name for it, Hygge, which means a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of wellbeing or contentment. 


I think the Danish people are on to something here! 


Our bodies need time to recharge and the winter is the perfect time to do that. 


Sleep and rest play such an important role in our health and wellness. I think we forget that in our go-go-go culture. 


Sleep is so important, especially when it comes to extra weight and our effort to lose it.


In fact, studies have shown that anyone who gets less than 6 hours of sleep a night has a significant increase in the risk of being overweight or obese.


A study by the American Heart Association found that women who only got four hours of sleep at night ate 329 MORE...

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3 Tips To Organize Your Life For Weight Loss

I love the week between Christmas and New Years. We have been hanging out on the couch recovering from our holiday. I usually get a bunch of decluttering done and start organizing- looking forward to the New Year. 

Choosing to stick to your health goals takes mental energy. As moms, we use a ton of mental energy deciding what to cook, what/ when to clean, and where to put the excess clutter. Making decisions takes mental energy. We only have so much of that energy and once it’s spent, we usually start making poor choices, which can translate into us making poor or impulsive food choices, especially if we are in a hurry or feeling stressed. 

I wanted to make you a list of some things that help me get organized. Because I do believe that the more organized you are, the less stressed and impulsive you will be. Which helps with the long game of weight loss. 

None of these are affiliates, I just literally use them.

The Messies Manual by Sandra Felton: this book is...

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Can Anxiety Make You Hungry?

There is a Link Between Anxiety And Hunger


Have you found yourself either dealing with a stressful situation or even just THINKING about a stressful situation and you suddenly feel hungry?


Turns out, it is a thing! 


Your brain is actually trying to protect you from the uncomfortable feelings of stress and worry. 


A bit of food will provide your brain with enough dopamine to feel better as well as provide a nice distraction from whatever you were thinking about just prior to being suddenly hungry. Your brain is brilliant,  but eating when you aren’t biologically hungry doesn’t serve you or your long term weight loss goals. 

Typically we worry or become anxious and stressed in situations that we don’t have much control over. When we can’t control situations, we tend to think in worst case scenarios, called catastrophic thinking.  


Usually what we worry about doesn’t even happen! But more...

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How To Rebound After Over Eating

Did you eat your way through Thanksgiving?

Did allowing yourself to eat your favorite holiday food translate into eating ALL THE HOLIDAY FOOD? 


Don’t use one afternoon  of feasting as an excuse to give up on your health and wellness goals for the rest of the year. 


Are you telling yourself that you can pick back up on January 1st and then just eat like a crazed person (last supper eating) during the entire month of December?


Consider this: You have 96 meals to eat (3 meals each day x 32 days) till January first. How many of those meals will be feasting meals? Holiday parties, Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas breakfast,  & New Years Eve parties. Maybe 6 extravagant meals? That means you have 90 chances to eat well, nourish your body, and stop eating when you are satisfied.


Think of your future self on January 1st.  


Is she going to be mad at you because the jeans you have on right now are...

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Do You Store Anger In Your Fat Cells?


Have you ever found yourself really upset at a situation and immediately started to feel hungry? Or suddenly found yourself elbow deep in a costco sized bag of chocolate chips around 4pm? 


We all have crazy stressful days that don’t go the way we want them to. Sometimes relationships/ situations  are hard and we feel frustrated or even angry.


How do you process those feelings?


Do you turn to food? 


Ask yourself- have you ever eaten AT someone out of anger? 


Or, instead of dealing with a difficult relationship or circumstance, you decide to eat and shove the emotion down with every swallow?


And then respond by eating more because you get mad at yourself for overeating in the first place? 


Trust me- there is not a container of ice cream large enough to help you manage those feelings.


All of the unpleasant situations in your life, when you respond by shoving food down, is because you think you...

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