Do You Store Anger In Your Fat Cells?


Have you ever found yourself really upset at a situation and immediately started to feel hungry? Or suddenly found yourself elbow deep in a costco sized bag of chocolate chips around 4pm? 


We all have crazy stressful days that don’t go the way we want them to. Sometimes relationships/ situations  are hard and we feel frustrated or even angry.


How do you process those feelings?


Do you turn to food? 


Ask yourself- have you ever eaten AT someone out of anger? 


Or, instead of dealing with a difficult relationship or circumstance, you decide to eat and shove the emotion down with every swallow?


And then respond by eating more because you get mad at yourself for overeating in the first place? 


Trust me- there is not a container of ice cream large enough to help you manage those feelings.


All of the unpleasant situations in your life, when you respond by shoving food down, is because you think you...

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What Should I Eat For My Health & Wellness?

The purpose of eating is to nourish our bodies, consequently, eating a satisfying meal also nourishes our soul. 


Eating should leave us feeling satisfied (not stuffed). 


To achieve that satisfied feeling, we need to pay attention to our meal so that we can tune into our satisfaction/fullness cues. 


Pay attention to your food


If we are distracted while we eat, our meal will not be nearly as satisfying and our brain may tell us to eat sooner than we need to in order to get the satisfied feeling. Another problem with distracted eating is, you tend to overeat when you aren’t paying attention to your food. 

When you are biologically hungry but can’t decide what to eat, ask yourself:

 “What will satisfy me?”

 “What type of food do I want?” 

Something sweet, sour, spicy, salty? 

Is it a cold day and hot soup will warm you up or were you just shoveling snow and need something more hearty...

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How To Stop Caring About Food

Do you find yourself thinking about food ALL DAY LONG? 

What’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks in between. 

Can you eat this particular food? 

Is this food healthy? 

How many calories are in this food? 

Is this food safe to eat or will I binge on it? 

How much volume of food can I eat vs how many calories are in it? 

What food will make me feel full but not have a ton of calories in it? 

What are my skinny friends eating? 

How can they eat thay without obsessing over it? 

Is there candy hidden somewhere? 

Can I eat dessert tonight once the kids are in bed? 


Sound familiar? 


We consume food, but sometimes, food consumes us! 


Do you feel overly concerned about food and what to eat? 


In my research while I was on my own weight loss journey, I set out to find  the WHY behind my problem with losing weight. This is what I figured out:


Food and eating are a...

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Five Tips To Eat Healthy During The Holidays

Five Tips To Eat Healthy During The Holidays

In my previous blog post, I wrote about how to reduce your stress this holiday season. One tip I mentioned was to have some nourishing meals frozen for those crazy December evenings when you are tight on time. 


When you are trying to make your health a top priority, the holidays can be intimidating to navigate. Don’t worry sister- I got your back! This is what I have found to help me stay on track with my health goals during the holidays-


  1. Stock up your pantry now. Take advantage of the fall harvest food sales and load your pantry up with as many nourishing foods as you can. A well stocked pantry is such a blessing to have on hectic days. You can pull a nourishing meal together pretty fast if you have what you need on hand. Also, stocking your pantry saves you time and money from needing to run out to the store for only one or two ingredients. My advice- pick five meals that your family likes, get enough...
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5 Tips For A Stress Free Holiday

Five Tips For A Stress Free Holiday 


     I’m still cleaning up candy wrappers from my kids Halloween candy, but I know by the Target holiday commercials, that we have entered into the crazy Holiday season. Ready or not, here it comes!


As a mom of 8, we have three birthdays,  Thanksgiving, our wedding anniversary & Christmas to celebrate over the course of 5 weeks in the November/ December time frame. Life is busy, especially when you throw in holiday parties, Christmas concerts, shopping for presents and wrapping them and all the extra food to cook and cleaning to get the house “company ready”. You get the idea. I am sure your to- do list looks similar to mine!


Have no fear! I have developed five strategies that have proven to work throughout  the years to reduce stress and help me pull off a magical holiday!



  • Lower Your Expectations-  We all have high expectations but we live in...
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