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5 Tips For A Stress Free Holiday

Five Tips For A Stress Free Holiday 


     I’m still cleaning up candy wrappers from my kids Halloween candy, but I know by the Target holiday commercials, that we have entered into the crazy Holiday season. Ready or not, here it comes!


As a mom of 8, we have three birthdays,  Thanksgiving, our wedding anniversary & Christmas to celebrate over the course of 5 weeks in the November/ December time frame. Life is busy, especially when you throw in holiday parties, Christmas concerts, shopping for presents and wrapping them and all the extra food to cook and cleaning to get the house “company ready”. You get the idea. I am sure your to- do list looks similar to mine!


Have no fear! I have developed five strategies that have proven to work throughout  the years to reduce stress and help me pull off a magical holiday!



  • Lower Your Expectations-  We all have high expectations but we live in reality and the space between reality and expectation is usually filled with disappointment and anger. Don’t go there. Stay in reality. Plan as best you can but accept life circumstances as they show up. I promise- you will be much more relaxed if you’re present in reality and just enjoy “what is”.
  • Stop Comparing-  Real life does not look like a picture perfect pinterest or instagram photo. Stop comparing your life to others “highlight reel”. If you feel discouraged after you spend time online, consider taking a break from social media- at least until the holiday rush is over.
  • Decide on a budget- Before you hit the stores or shop online, have a budget set so you purchase with intention rather than getting caught up in the emotion of the holiday.  My husband and I have a rule that we won’t go into debt over plastic toys. We see what we can afford and do the best we can with what money we have saved. 
  • Realistic Relationships- Let’s be honest, every family has that one relative, you know, who is miserable to spend time with. And while you may be able to avoid them during the year, it’s harder to avoid them around the holidays. Don’t be shocked or even surprised when your obnoxious Uncle starts to behave, well, obnoxiously. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean they will not act like themselves. Brace yourself ahead of time and you won’t be disappointed when they show their true colors.
  • Stock Your Freezer- take a couple days now to have a few nourishing meals cooked and frozen for those crazy busy days when you are tempted to grab fast food. This strategy not only keeps your health top of mind, but it’s easier on your budget too.


Above all, take time to reflect with gratitude on the beauty of the season and count your blessings! Be Well!

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