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Do You Store Anger In Your Fat Cells?


Have you ever found yourself really upset at a situation and immediately started to feel hungry? Or suddenly found yourself elbow deep in a costco sized bag of chocolate chips around 4pm? 


We all have crazy stressful days that don’t go the way we want them to. Sometimes relationships/ situations  are hard and we feel frustrated or even angry.


How do you process those feelings?


Do you turn to food? 


Ask yourself- have you ever eaten AT someone out of anger? 


Or, instead of dealing with a difficult relationship or circumstance, you decide to eat and shove the emotion down with every swallow?


And then respond by eating more because you get mad at yourself for overeating in the first place? 


Trust me- there is not a container of ice cream large enough to help you manage those feelings.


All of the unpleasant situations in your life, when you respond by shoving food down, is because you think you are powerless.

And, in order to feel powerful, you respond by turning to something you can control- what you eat.


Even if it is contrary to what you WANT to do. 


But, there is a solution-


The first thing you need to do is- PAUSE before you react by eating.


You want all your eating to be done as a response to true biological hunger, not as a reaction to unpleasant circumstances. You need to retrain your brain to become aware of these emotions. Because dealing with them brings a sense of power. 


Don’t react to the anger, allow yourself to feel it and be aware of it rather than stuffing it down with food. 

Practice that over and over and you will notice your weight going down and your self efficacy going up. 

You will need to replace the habit of eating when dealing with an unpleasant emotion, with a conscious response, that supports your health goals. Don’t just try to ignore the unpleasant emotions, but manage it with a healthy response. This puts you back in control over the situation and allows you to deal with it.


I created a free class to help you with this very situation! 


I also created an Ebook to help you dive deeper and create your own unique strategies to deal with how you use food.


Please share this if you find it helpful! Thanks so much! And Be Well!


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