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How To Rebound After Over Eating

Did you eat your way through Thanksgiving?

Did allowing yourself to eat your favorite holiday food translate into eating ALL THE HOLIDAY FOOD? 

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Don’t use one afternoon  of feasting as an excuse to give up on your health and wellness goals for the rest of the year. 


Are you telling yourself that you can pick back up on January 1st and then just eat like a crazed person (last supper eating) during the entire month of December?


Consider this: You have 96 meals to eat (3 meals each day x 32 days) till January first. How many of those meals will be feasting meals? Holiday parties, Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas breakfast,  & New Years Eve parties. Maybe 6 extravagant meals? That means you have 90 chances to eat well, nourish your body, and stop eating when you are satisfied.


Think of your future self on January 1st.  


Is she going to be mad at you because the jeans you have on right now are tight or don’t fit anymore? Or is she going to take advantage of the post holiday sales and get a cute outfit that fits you in a size you are happy with, and shows off how hard you have been working? 


Do you want to feel bloated from over eating with reckless abandon for the past five weeks or do you want to feel satisfied that, for the first time in your life, food wasn’t the focal point of the holidays? The relationships you cherish were.

Food doesn’t love you, it isn’t your friend. 


It can’t really satisfy you the way you think it does. That is why you want more and more and more. 


Friend, there isn’t a container of ice cream big enough to fill you- because you were made for more than just eating. 


Today you have a choice to make. Don’t punish yourself for overindulging yesterday. Love yourself enough to nourish your body and eat well and allow yourself meals to feast at without punishing yourself for doing it. 


Watch the free video I created for you to help you rebound after feasting.

Be well! And Happy Holidays!


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