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How To Stop Caring About Food

Do you find yourself thinking about food ALL DAY LONG? 

What’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks in between. 

Can you eat this particular food? 

Is this food healthy? 

How many calories are in this food? 

Is this food safe to eat or will I binge on it? 

How much volume of food can I eat vs how many calories are in it? 

What food will make me feel full but not have a ton of calories in it? 

What are my skinny friends eating? 

How can they eat thay without obsessing over it? 

Is there candy hidden somewhere? 

Can I eat dessert tonight once the kids are in bed? 


Sound familiar? 


We consume food, but sometimes, food consumes us! 


Do you feel overly concerned about food and what to eat? 


In my research while I was on my own weight loss journey, I set out to find  the WHY behind my problem with losing weight. This is what I figured out:


Food and eating are a fantastic way to distract you from dealing with the uncomfortable or strong emotions in your life. 


Maybe you’re bored with life because you lost sight of your goals. 


Or maybe you worry about your future and feel anxious. 


Whatever unique life situation you are dealing with, food is your answer for comfort or distraction. 


We do have control over food, we don’t feel like we can control certain areas of our lives and that makes us feel powerless. 


And when we feel powerless, we are pulled to food. 


If you suddenly feel hungry and pulled toward food but you know you aren’t biologically hungry, check in with yourself. Ask yourself what is happening right before you felt like you wanted to eat?  And then take time to sit and THINK, not react by grabbing food.


Typically, in any situation, there is usually some action you can take (even if that means accepting the situation for what it is). By facing the situation head on, you are dealing with it and the result is feeling empowered, which will reduce your desire to eat. 


The sudden desire to eat is a symptom of another emotion. NOT a failure in your character!


Do the hard work of figuring out what that emotion is, once you do,  your life will begin to change and an added benefit- your waistline will go down. 


As a certified Weight Loss Coach and Certified Health Education Specialist, I put together an awesome FREE Class on taking this concept deeper, just sign up for it! 


I also put together an EBOOK, if you want to dive deeper and really begin to unwrap all this, it is a perfect next step in this journey.


Be well, and please share with a friend who needs to hear this


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