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What Should I Eat For My Health & Wellness?

The purpose of eating is to nourish our bodies, consequently, eating a satisfying meal also nourishes our soul. 


Eating should leave us feeling satisfied (not stuffed). 


To achieve that satisfied feeling, we need to pay attention to our meal so that we can tune into our satisfaction/fullness cues. 


Pay attention to your food


If we are distracted while we eat, our meal will not be nearly as satisfying and our brain may tell us to eat sooner than we need to in order to get the satisfied feeling. Another problem with distracted eating is, you tend to overeat when you aren’t paying attention to your food. 

When you are biologically hungry but can’t decide what to eat, ask yourself:

 “What will satisfy me?”

 “What type of food do I want?” 

Something sweet, sour, spicy, salty? 

Is it a cold day and hot soup will warm you up or were you just shoveling snow and need something more hearty like lasagna? 

Maybe it's a hot summer day and a cold salad will hit the spot.

 Do you want something crunchy that requires chewing or do you want something smooth that goes down easy?

Will this taste good to me?


Part of eating for your health and wellness is to like the nourishing food you choose.


You should  like the food you choose. As a chronic dieter, you may have only eaten a prescribed meal plan at specific times dictated to you by the “program”. Consider experimenting with foods for a while, giving  yourself permission to eat them, so you can see what foods you actually enjoy. 


Whole,  organic food does offer more nutrients for your body and will keep you satisfied longer than prepackaged, processed food.  


Don’t moralize your food choices, but rather, allow all foods:


If you take on the mindset that all food is fine, and then allow yourself to actually taste and savor your food, you will uncover that some food you once over ate on, actually doesn't taste as good as it did when you denied yourself that food. 


Once the food is no longer forbidden, you tend to get very picky about how it should taste, only choosing the highest quality.  


Also, giving yourself permission to eat allows you to slow down, so instead of stuffing a forbidden food into your mouth, and eating quickly, you will find that it requires less of that food to feel satisfied. 


The most important thing you can do for your health and wellness is understanding how you use food.


Do you eat only to get nourishment? If you find yourself always stuffing food down, chances are you are using food to distract or soothe you. Do that often enough, and you will begin to have extra weight on your body.


Check out the E-book, How To Eat Like Your Skinny Friends, if you want to get to the bottom of this issue for you. 


You can also download a free class  all about how to decide what to eat.  

Be well!


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