Have Your Next 14 Meals Planned For You

Get the exact list I use when I want to eat healthy but only have 30 minutes to cook.  (without a lot of effort or weird ingredients!)

PLUS: You'll have access to a five day weight loss class that will walk you through the first steps of losing weight for the last time! Set Yourself Up For Success & Allow Weight Loss To Become Inevitable

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Free Grocery Printable


Here’s What’s Inside…

  • As a Certified Health Education Specialist, & Weight Loss Expert- I put my exact grocery list into a PDF so you can have a proven roadmap of healthy food to have on hand
  • you'll be able to makeover your fridge and pantry with healthy food to support you on your weight loss journey
  • Take the guess work out of eating healthy- the printable comes with 14 meal ideas you can make from the food on the list
  • Grab this printable list and take it with you to the store
  • Once you print it out, put it on the fridge and as you run out of food, circle what you will need to pick up while at the store. 
  • I listed every fruit, and veggie we eat along with spices, grains, protein, frozen and canned foods as well as pantry items and drinks.
  • If you are trying to begin a Whole Foods/ clean eating plan but don't even know where to begin, this is perfect for you.