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Eat Like You Skinny Friends E-Book

Even though the reasons to pursue weight loss are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but. You can lose weight for the last time, you just need the right tools.


Lose Weight For The Last Time


without a crazy eating plan, insane exercise routine or deprivation

If you’ve tried EVERY Diet Available, and feel powerless to lose weight and are tired of food being a battlefield, and are looking to figure out what you have been doing wrong when it comes to weight loss-  Then you need to read this E-Book!

You know how to lose weight, you just can't figure out why you always gain it back. You know all the right foods to eat and you know all the diet rules, yet something is "missing" It's like an elusive secret skinny people know but you don't. 

You're tired of spending so much mental and emotional energy on deciding what to eat/ what not to eat.



[Extra Weight Is A Symptom Of A Life Out Of Balance]

  • You don't need another diet- you need a new relationship with food.

  • You don't need more willpower- you need to put food in it's proper place in your life.

  • You don't need to starve yourself or workout for hours at the gym (that's miserable)

  • Once you learn how you have been using food- you can begin to learn strategies that empower you to hit your weightless goals

Even though the reasons to pursue weight loss are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but


This Is Your Missing Piece

You don't need another diet- you need a lifestyle makeover


You need help- you don't know what to do anymore. You have seriously tried every diet on the market. You might start with some success because your motivation is high but then life gets in the way, you stop the rigid eating from the diet and your weight starts to come right back on, with a vengeance. Food is an all or nothing proposition. You are either eating perfectly on a plan or you are eating everything in sight. Or- you find yourself elbow deep in a bag of chocolate chips around 4pm and don't understand why. You want to move on with life and have enough energy for your kids and husband. You want a common sense approach to weight loss so you can focus on more important things in life besides food. You don't want to cringe every time you see yourself in a picture and you want your clothes to fit consistently, instead of having four different clothing sizes in your closet. And you know all this yo-yo dieting is really harming your health.

Extra weight is just a symptom of Life Out Of Balance

Inside this e-book, you will discover exactly how you have been using food to fill you up and discover exactly what you have been hungry for. Then I will walk you step by step to develop a plan to fill yourself up without using food. 

You will learn how to get back in touch with your hunger and fullness cues

You will be able to make the connection from your sudden need to eat, to what is happening around you and make powerful choices based on that information. You will gain control over your eating habits, understand why you have them in the first place and develop behaviors that support your health goals. All without deprivation .

The 10 Reasons Why You Haven't Been Successful With Diets 

  1. Diets don't address why you overeat in the first place
  2. You deprive then binge
  3. You follow someone else's eating plan
  4. You don't listen to your own hunger cues
  5. you don't listen to your own fullness cues
  6. You don't understand the connection between your emotions and your eating habits
  7. you aren't paying attention to what you are really hungry for
  8. you use food to cope with stress 
  9. You see food as either good or bad, instead of as fuel
  10. You have trained your brain to use food to cope with unpleasant feelings and when you feel uncomfortable- you instantly feel hungry

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Inside the E-Book "How To Eat Like Your Skinny Friends" you will learn about the diet cycle and how it effects your mental and physical health. You will begin to understand emotional eating and learn strategies to identify it. You will be given tools to develop new habits and choose new focus areas. You will also learn how to love your body where you are at and make changes from a place of grace and kindness. You will learn how to pay attention to your own food preferences and how to eat to nourish your body. You will also learn how to STOP eating once you  are satisfied. You will learn how to move your body for pleasure instead of extreme exercise regimens. And finally, you will be able to separate hunger from your emotions. 


How To Eat Like Your Skinny Friends E-Book

Lose weight for the last time without deprivation

Let me teach you the tools to break the diet merry-go round and lose the weight for good. Through personalized coaching and dedicated support, you will learn the tools that helped me lose 60 pounds and finally make peace with food.


I’m Katie, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Educator. I don’t just give you a list of rules to follow, I help you to discover how to live your best life AND lose the weight at the same time.


"I am so thankful for my coaching sessions with Katie. She helped me to gain perspective on what was important in my life and allowed me to talk through some challenges that I was facing. I valued that she taught me to be accountable to myself so I would have the tools I need as I deal with challenges going forward. "


How To Eat Like Your Skinny Friends the ONLY E-Book of its kind that…

1. Is written by a Certified Health Education Specialist & a mom of 8 who teaches you exactly what she did to lose almost 60 pounds
2. Teaches you how to stop yo-yo dieting
3. Helps you understand your personal relationship with food
4. Will teach you what you're really hungry for
5. Allows you to feel in control around food and take your power back

So if you’re ready to finally lose weight while avoiding deprivation

Here's how I'll help you get there:

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How To Eat Like Your Skinny Friends E-Book - $50.00 value

  • Bonus 1 - Health Assessment Tools
  • Bonus 2 - H.A.L.T. Worksheet
  • Bonus 3 - Well Life Vision Worksheet

Total Value: $100.00

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