How To Homeschool Successfully Without Losing Your Mind- Even If You've Never Done It Before

If you want to give your kids the education they deserve while keeping your sanity- this is going to be the best part of your day- here's why...


 Discover my 5 key foundational principles that every successful homeschool mom does to create a thriving and effective homeschool experience for her children.

Learn how to easily position yourself so that success becomes inevitable. And understand the real reason you are feeling overwhelmed in your homeschool.


But first, a warning, this isn't a "best curriculum guide" or a "time management cheat sheet" that has you plan your calendar every 15 minutes. It's also not about teaching techniques or activities to do with your kids. This is all about you, the V.I.P.

With that said, let me tell you about what I have for you...


This is a system I developed as a Wellness Educator to help you thrive based on your unique needs & personality so that you can create an amazing  homeschool culture regardless of your curriculum choice or education philosophy.

There's no fluff or filler- just battle tested tactics that are working right now

And it's easy to implement. 

You can watch all 5 workshops in an afternoon. And you'll immediately "get" the entire system and tools I personally use in my own life as a homeschool mom. 

 It's about more than just homeschooling. These powerful yet simple principles inside the 5 part video training series "Survival Kit For The Homeschool Mom"- will teach you:

  • Five different areas to focus on when creating your self care plan
  • When it's ok to give yourself grace, and let things go
  • why ditching the curriculum checklist can actually make life easier and more enjoyable
  • The truth about a typical homeschool day- you'll fail to meet your own expectations and how to plan for that
  • The truth about anxiety and overwhelm and how to curate a fail safe plan
  • The absolute fastest way to get your kids engaged in learning (whatever you do, don't recreate school at home- do this instead)
  • How to eliminate chaos and meltdowns at the end of each day (yours and the kids lol)
  • You think you need to be in every activity & running around like crazy, right? Wrong! Learn how to create a filter to see what activities deserve your best yes
  • Why you should never make decisions without having this system in place to free up your emotional energy
  • Think you need to personally do all the things?- Learn how to incorporate homeschool into your daily routine so life takes on a consistent rhythm and allows your kids to thrive
  • How to enjoy homeschooling your children without ending up elbow deep in a bag of chocolate chips or hitting the wine bottle as soon as they fall asleep (if this is you- you must watch the How To Manage Stress & Anxiety Without Using Food Or Alcohol Workshop)
  • If your ideals of homeschooling are met with a pounding headache after trying to teach your child- then you need to check out the Self Care For The Homeschool Mom Workshop
  • If You have no clean clothing, dishes or floors- you must check out The Homeschool With A  Large Family Logistics Class
  • If You feel like you're in the trenches alone on this homeschool journey and your partner doesn't know how to help you because they're gone all day (and basically gives you a blank stare when you ask for help) The Workshop on A Father's Role In Home Education is a must see
  • If you're feeling guilty for not doing 'all the things' you've got to watch the lesson on how to decide what to give your best yes to and what to say no to without drama or guilt
  • If you start each day like Mary Poppins and by the end feel like Miss. Hannigan- you need the Homeschool Mom's Survival Kit
  • If you're second guessing your decision to homeschool- you need the Homeschool Mom's Survival Kit and if you don't think you'll have time to do it- then you absolutely need the Homeschool Mom's Survival Kit

Yes, that's a lot of help for your homeschool! Like I said, there's so much more to this  than just homeschooling! You get a whole lot of battle tested strategies & tactics.

And- it's stuff that no one else is teaching you!

You might think you need the "perfect" curriculum or the best teaching methodology, Right? WRONG! 

But it gets better because you're also getting a printable workbook that you can work through and apply all the tools you will be learning . You'll be able to use the prompts in the workbook to design and craft a sustainable life where homeschool is just a natural part of how you live.

And because you get to curate the systems in a way that's unique to you- your plans and strategies will become a custom fit, perfectly designed for your family culture.

So,  if you feel like you're drowning in chaos and not being effective in any area, this workbook will help you order your life in a way that meets you your needs- right where you are.

This is really important because it sets you up for long term success in your homeschool and you'll be significantly more likely to avoid burnout and overwhelm. The best part is too, that you can take the systems and skills you learn and apply them into other areas of your life. This has such a positive ripple effect into every area of your life.

Here's what to do next-

The cost of the survival kit is currently $29.99 and you get access to it instantly. When you enroll, you'll get an an automated email with log in information to get access to the course.

Oh- in case you're wondering, there is no catch. I realize that this is very inexpensive so you might wonder what the catch is.

Yeah, I know, there are some websites that offer you a great deal on something but they stick you in a membership program that charges your card every month- this is not one of them.  

There's no hidden continuity program you have to try or anything else even remotely like that. You have lifetime access to the Homeschool Mom's Survival Kit. 


I know that by helping you, I will be helping your whole family. I believe that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. And that you buying The Homeschool Mom's Survival Kit will be the start of a good relationship between us for years to come. 

I want to empower you to make an impact and help you become the best version of yourself and be the positive change in the world.

You don't have to do this alone- it's so important to learn from each other, develop success strategies, maximize your contribution by helping your children grow all while being the best mom you can be.

Anyway, with that said, this is a limited offer. I priced it at  $29.99 because I know so many moms have been thrown into homeschool this year and I wanted to make it a no brainer for you to buy- so you get the help you need without stressing over the price.

Oh- one more thing. You'll also be able to have the opportunity to ask Questions inside the Homeschool Mom's Survival Kit, which I will personally answer- so you never feel like you're alone but feel fully supported.

I also have a 14 day money back guarantee. How's that for fair?

This is a limited time offer- so go grab it before it's gone.

I look forward to seeing you inside The Homeschool Mom's Survival Kit-  


Don't just be a good homeschool mom- be the homeschool mom you want to be.



The Homeschool Mom's Survival Kit 

Feel like you're drowning in your homeschool? Here is the life preserver you need!

Workshop 1

Self Care For The Homeschool Mom

  • Learn practical tools for incorporating a self care routine into your day, even with your kids around so that you have the mental & emotional energy to face each day
  • Understanding your own personality so you can set yourself up for success & avoid burnout and overwhelm
Workshop 2

Homeschool Logistics- A day In The Life

I'll give you a peek into our homeschool day. As a mom of 8 kids from ages 18- 1 years old- I've learned a few things along the way.

Learn how to manage cooking, cleaning, laundry and actual school into your day so it's never overwhelming & actually gets done.


Workshop 3

Avoiding Overwhelm While homeschooling

Workshop Highlights:

Learn how to implement systems ahead of time so when days get crazy, your entire life isn't derailed. And your homeschool day is smooth & peaceful.

  • Learn my "Sunday Hour One" Formula for time management so that you have a plan to get it all done
  • Learn how to handle your N.U.T.S. so that those nagging unfinished tasks get handled
  • Develop systems that work for the season of life you are currently in- design each tool to fit your unique family culture- so you have a workable homeschool plan that meets your needs
Workshop 4 

Managing Stress & Anxiety Without Using Food Or Wine

Homeschooling can be overwhelming at times. Learn how to manage those feeling of stress & anxiety without turning to food or wine at the end of a long day so that you develop healthy coping strategies 

Workshop Highlights:


  • Understand how your thoughts create your feelings so that you never have a "bad day" and have a workable plan for when you have chaotic days
  • Understand how stress hormones inhibit your ability to make sound decisions so that you can be proactive in your approach to how you plan your life
  • Learn stress processing techniques so you never need to turn to food or alcohol to feel better
Workshop 5

How Dad's Can Help With Homeschooling So that You're In The Trenches Together

Even if Dad isn't the primary homeschool teacher, his role is still important, especially as your support person

Workshop Highlights:


  • The importance of a working father being involved in the homeschool so that you aren't carrying the burden alone
  • What systems he uses to stay connected even while away from home that you can use in your own homeschool
  • The best way to show up and support his wife (especially on crazy days when she's ready to call it quits!)

PLUS: Q & A section inside the course, so you can ask Katie questions as you learn

14 Day- Money Back Guarantee

If you watch all the lessons and complete the workbook pages and are not satisfied with the program, you can have your money back if it's within the 14 day time period from purchase date.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

The Homeschool Mom's Survival Kit

  • 5 workshops to totally transform your homeschool
  • 1 bonus workshop on improving your health and setting goals 
  • workbook to go along with the workshops
  • Total Value: $300.00 (This isn't a random made up number, but what I charge my clients to teach them these tools)

When you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Buy Now


Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions our top students asked before purchasing The Homeschool Mom's Survival Kit

I created the kit to be fast and simple. Each video is on average 30 minutes. You have lifetime access to the training, so don't worry about rushing through the material.

Whichever one seems to be the biggest problem area for you. They all compliment each other.


Absolutely. The success of your homeschool depends on you. Your vision, your attitude, you enthusiasm. Learn how to make it all gel together.

The Homeschool Mom's Survival Kit

  • 5 workshops to totally transform your homeschool
  • 1 bonus workshop on improving your health and setting goals
  • workbook to go along with the workshops
  • Total Value: $300.00 (This isn't a random made up number, but what I charge my clients to teach them these tools)

When you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Buy Now


Buy Now


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